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Monday, April 7

  1. page Curriculum edited Curriculum levels Online Curriculum First there is the NEGns - the National Education Guideline…
    Curriculum levels
    Online Curriculum
    First there is the NEGns - the National Education Guidelines, which states the NAGs, the NEGs and the National Curriculum
    NZ Curriculum 2007 : {Curr -TEXT.pdf}
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Tuesday, February 25

  1. page Genealogy edited At the starting block: I found works well for building up your family tree. You can d…
    At the starting block: I found works well for building up your family tree. You can download a gedcom file from it that will have all your research tho not pictures. You can then use that file on a familytree program to make your charts and have a permanent copy on your computer (and add the photos)
    Gather low hanging fruit- to find common family trees. Sometimes can save alot of work. Enables collaboration.
    When reviewing family trees watch out for vain attempts by amateurs - children born before marriage (unlikely in 18th and 19th century), children born before parents, age <18 and >40 years at marriage, women having children after 40 years, deaths more than 90 years old. Maiden name used after marriage/Married name at birth/Father's surname different from maiden name/husband's surname same as maiden name. is an attempt to produce a family tree that connects everyone. Fewer amateur efforts.
    Search for census, birth, baptism, marriage, death, probate records. Cross reference.
    Census gives most info in one hit. Easiest to be sure it is right as the parents/children stay the same. There are cases of same named husband and wives. Lots of transcription errors - check original image, note occupation as comment. People do change their name...
    Baptisms and probate records often have other relatives listed, check originals. can have records that ancestry doesn't. Easier searches for things like searching across time periods, all baptism records with parents x&y, specifying search criteria to reduce results.
    These record the registration office not actual place of birth/death.
    Ask family what they remember
    Order marriage certificates to confirm. These list parents, occupation etc. Birth certificates for mother's maiden name.
    Further research collaboration
    Visiting churches in family hotspots
    Family stories
    Make up Family profiles
    Hour glass charts
    Copies of documents

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  2. page NCEA edited ... Subject-specific resources Exemplars are available for a wide range of subjects. Content is…
    Subject-specific resources
    Exemplars are available for a wide range of subjects.
    Content isSubject resource pages are available for:for the following subjects:
    || Agriculture & Horticulture || Geography || Physical Education ||
    || Art
    || German || Physics ||
    || Biology || Design & Visual Communication || Psychology ||
    || Business
    Education for Sustainability
    Home Economics
    Information Management
    || Hangarau || Pūtaiao ||
    || Chemistry || Hauora || Religious
    Physical Education
    || Chinese || Health || Samoan ||
    || Classical
    || History || Science ||
    || Computing/Digital Technologies || Home Economics || Social
    || Cook Islands Māori || Japanese || Sociology ||
    || Dance || Korean || Spanish ||
    || Drama || Latin || Te
    Reo Māori
    || Earth and Space Science || Legal Studies || Te
    Reo Rangatira
    || Economics || Māori Performing
    Arts and Field Māori || Technology ||
    || Education for Sustainability || Mathematics and Statistics || Tikanga-ā-Iwi ||
    || English || Media Studies || Lea Faka-Tonga ||
    || ESOL || Music || Visual Arts ||
    || || Ngā Toi || ||
    || || || ||
    |||||| English for Academic Purposes ||
    |||||| Literacy and Numeracy ||

    Resource pages are available for subjects e.g. Biology , environmental sustainability
    The Assessment Matrix, an overview of assessments available for that subject for the 3 levels of NCEA. Each achievement standard has an achievement standard number AS and a subject reference number e.g. Biology 1.1.The credits it is worth and whether it is internally or externally assessed is recorded. Credits add up to gain NCEA and form part of the requirements to gain University Entrance.
    The SecQual circular deals mostly with administration stuff but this draft document on procedures for reassessment states what teachers should be providing to students when starting a task for internal assessment.
    The TKI website holds internal assessment exemplers for all subjects and support materials for all subjects .
    has support documents.documents

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Friday, September 27

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Wednesday, May 15

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Saturday, November 26

  1. page Motivation edited Motivation: Clues for learning: ...............…

    Clues for learning: ...................Strategies to support learning
    COPING?.................No ---> I am afraid, comfort me.
    ...................................................Express feelings. Use "I" statements
    feel fine
    CONFIDENT? ...........No ---> I’m unsure, support me.
    ....................................................Use encouraging language
    I’m sure
    COMFORTABLE?.....No-->How do I fit? Affirm me.
    .....................................................Provide positive feedback, specific praise
    Maslow's heirachy of needs:
    The essence of the hierarchy is the notion of “pre-potency”, which means that you are not going to be motivated by any higher-level needs until your lower-level ones have been satisfied. Note however, that pre-potency only makes sense over a substantial time-scale. I ate a good breakfast this morning, but I shall be hungry again tonight: thus I may become concerned about Physiological needs again then. But if I “know where the next meal is coming from”, concern about meeting those needs will not be a great motivator.
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    Dieter Rams
    {Ecobuild parameters.odt}
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Friday, November 25

  1. page Dieter Rams edited {} Bookmark and Share…
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    Back in the early 1980s, Dieter Rams was becoming increasingly concerned by the state of the world around him – “an impenetrable confusion of forms, colours and noises.” Aware that he was a significant contributor to that world, he asked himself an important question: is my design good design?
    As good design cannot be measured in a finite way he set about expressing the ten most important principles for what he considered was good design. (Sometimes they are referred as the ‘Ten commandments’.)
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